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Which California city might show the way forward for cannabis social equity in the state?

Some marijuana industry watchers are keeping a close eye on Sacramento, California, as a possible example that other municipalities in the state could follow as they look to expand or develop new social equity plans. California cities, including Sacramento, have struggled to fulfill the ideals behind social equity even?as marijuana businesses in the state also […]

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Chart: Cannabis delivery companies adapt strategy to focus on increasing participation by women

As cannabis acceptance becomes widespread, consumer demographics have shifted to include more women, impacting methods used by businesses to reach their target audience. San Francisco-based Eaze, an online cannabis marketplace and home delivery service, reported the number of women participating on its platform increased 81% between 2018 and 2019. That brings the company’s total proportion […]

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Rhode Island governor presses for adult-use cannabis legalization to keep pace on East Coast

Rhode Island’s governor is pitching an unconventional recreational marijuana legalization plan centered on state-owned stores operated by private contractors, which would offer modest business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. The move reflects growing pressure?to legalize adult-use cannabis along the East Coast?after?Massachusetts launched its recreational marijuana industry in 2018. It also dovetails?legalization efforts by governors in Connecticut, […]

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How California’s legal marijuana market wound up in crisis mode after two years

Most industry watchers agree that California’s marijuana market problems stem from three main factors including a dual licensing system; high state and local taxes; and the ongoing success of the illegal cannabis market. Some even suggest that?Proposition 64,?which legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, actually strengthened the illicit sector instead of reducing its impact.

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MJBizDaily acquires The Emerald Conference to boost science reach

Marijuana Business Daily announced Wednesday that it has purchased The Emerald Conference, a science-focused convention and trade show for the cannabis industry, from Emerald Scientific. Terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed. The deal underscores the growing importance of research tied to cannabis, said Chris Walsh, CEO and president of MJBizDaily, a media and events company […]

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Cannabis trade group’s report targets illicit market in response to vaping health crisis

The marijuana industry’s largest trade association released a report?Tuesday on the vaping health scare?that calls on cannabis business owners, regulators and law enforcement to do more to combat the illegal market. The?National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)?report targets several areas for improvement in order for licensed cannabis companies to succeed against illegal operators, which many experts […]

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