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Investor Intelligence is your reliable resource for the balanced and unbiased market data, realistic projections and insider analysis needed to navigate the hemp and cannabis industries. Whether researching private investment opportunities or conducting your own due diligence, Investor Intelligence delivers the trusted market intelligence that sophisticated cannabis investors depend on.

For savvy investors and decision makers exploring cannabis investment opportunities:

  • Hear straight from the management teams and CEOs of private and public companies
  • Gain realistic intel on valuations, projections and risk assessments, plus insights into the impact of new and evolving state and federal regulations
  • Identify viability, scalability and overall potential of cannabis and hemp businesses

For cannabis industry executives looking to place capital or expand their investments into:

  • Gain unique perspectives on new markets, states and niches ripe for expansion
  • Use data, projections and insights on valuations for better deal negotiations
  • Add value to your holdings while helping newcomers and startups push the industry forward

In response to insights and suggestions from our subscribers, MJBizDaily’s Investor Intelligence has expanded to include deep industry knowledge, unbiased projections and more insider access – helping bring clarity and understanding to the forces that drive the cannabis market forward.

Investor Intelligence is designed to help you identify and make deals in the next 3-18 months that can significantly impact your returns well into the future.


Get your personal access, unbiased projections and market insights, critical to making capital investments in the cannabis and hemp industries.

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  • Detailed analysis and insights straight from industry experts
  • Insights into valuation trends and the latest deals & mergers
  • Risk analysis, time-sensitive analysis of major industry developments
  • Meaningful data, realistic projections and key investment metrics



Membership Privileges Include:

Data & Market Updates for Investors?

  • Get meaningful analysis and overviews of key industry developments, data updates, overviews of the latest deals, sector breakdowns, risk assessments and valuation intel.

Webcasts: Live Interviews with Industry Leaders

  • Be introduced to prominent CEOs in the cannabis and hemp industries: ask questions and gain insights directly from influential thought-leaders. Plus hear questions other investors are asking.

?Advice & Intel from Seasoned Cannabis Investors

  • Learn from investors with experience investing millions into cannabis companies: key metrics, insights into performing due diligence, overviews of management teams, and common mistakes to avoid.

Timely Analysis of New Developments

  • Get rapid reactions, timely breakdowns and thoughtful analysis of major developments and emerging trends in the cannabis industry.

Special Report: Opportunity Assessment: U.S. Hemp

  • Subscribe now and get our latest 2019 report Assessing the Opportunity: US Hemp Investing, which offers a look into the intricacies of new regulations, legal issues and business verticals that investors in the hemp industry should consider.

Easy, online access to unbiased data & analysis, downloadable comp. tables, valuations and margins, plus a weekly, industry round-up delivered to your inbox every Friday. Members also get early access and discounts to our investing events and forums.

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Investor Intelligence is a subsidiary of MJBizDaily and MJBizCon. Articles and insights also appear in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Harvard Business Review, FORTUNE, and Barron’s.